Why is imperfection such an important part of the spiritual path? What can we do when we find imperfection in ourselves? Why does the mind strive for perfection and what does the heart really want? 

In this pre-recorded lecture and meditation session we will talk about the concept of perfection and why being with imperfection is a central value in Buddhist philosophy. At its essence, Buddhism is about connecting to the truth of reality with an open heart. Wanting perfection is a kind of resistance to reality, and it is this resistance to reality that causes suffering. Kindness to all things is the antidote. This is what we will meditate on together. Along the way we will explore concepts of Buddhist demi-gods, enlightenment, non-duality, and the mud from the lotus. 

Please watch this 90-minute workshop to practice healing and nourishing meditation and to start looking at the world through fresh eyes of connection and acceptance.

Platform: Via recordings
Host: Happiness Sangha
Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov
Cost: $50