Resilience: 5 Week Program

I'm excited to invite you to a very special 5-week class. The program is on Resilience. We will build resilience with heart practices, science, ancient wisdom, meditation, and ideas from religions.

We'll go on a meaningful journey together of growth, compassion, self-compassion, and leading a better life!

Here is what's coming up in the Resilience Program:

· Getting to know your own wise, compassionate self in meditation

· Inspiration on Resilience from Buddhism, Judaism, Ancient Chinese Philosophy, and Native American religions

· Science of Resilience

· Accepting yourself as you are

· Choosing how adversity transforms you

· Finding our individual reserves of strength, energy, self-acceptance, and power

· Two bonus lectures from Harvard Religion Professor Michael Puett on this topic

· New poems, new readings, and new meditations

In this five-week course, we will explore the spiritual and the scientific side of resilience, seeing how difficult emotions from the past support us in the present and what new understanding they bring. The class will take place in the context of neuroscience, religion, and practice. While connecting to each other, we will also begin to understand what it means to accept oneself and others in order to grow in resilience. We will also look at what it could mean to let go of expectations. We cannot control when we experience adversity, but we can learn to play an active role in how it transforms us.