The Root of All Things: Ancestors Meditation Program

A meaningful transformation happens when we send compassion to ancestors. We become at peace with ourselves, our past, and our lives.

You'll leave this one-of-a-kind program being kinder to yourself, feeling more courageous, and more at peace with who you are. The program consists of a live 90-minute session once a week for four weeks, or recordings at your own pace. You'll also receive practices, materials, meditations, and readings to keep forever.


Your ancestors are always present in your life and your DNA. Once we accept them, you'll feel strong and confident in ways you cannot imagine.

To grow forward, first we accept our roots. This is an important part of our psychological and emotional development.

Most importantly, we'll learn how to keep past family scenarios from repeating. You'll reach a new level of centeredness and innerpeace at the end of this program.

This material is rarely taught and it's very powerful.


Better Relationships with Loved Ones

More Self-Compassion

Increased Confidence

Greater Inner Peace

Higher Levels of Energy

TESTIMONIALS from last year:

"Exquisite and life-changing."– Christine N.

"The program has opened up such a vast universe. It is quite literally blowing my mind."– Molly G.

"I feel confident, supported, thankful."– Miriam B.

"I feel grounded and like I belong for the first time in my life."– Rachel S.

"This class improved my relationship with all my kids. For the first time, I spoke from the heart and not from fear."– Caroline A.

"I have felt an improvement in my health, happiness, levels of energy and growth. I'll be doing the Ancestors program again next year."– Diane D.


Time: Four consecutive Sundays starting October 29, 6 - 7:30 pm EST

Place: Live Zoom video or recordings

Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Registration: here

Why: Sending compassion to your roots, you build a better foundation for the future.