Understanding Karmic Relationships

Everything you need to learn— life sends you a person who can teach you that.

Usually through someone you love. Occasionally through someone you hate.

Karmic connections are everywhere to varying degrees.

Those relationships are always intense. We'll learn how to navigate them.

This will put relationships in a whole new perspective!

Join to understand:

When do karmic relationships from? How do karmic connections work? What are they trying to teach us?

What do we do about our karmic relationships? What are the most important meditations and practices?

What can we do each day to turn our karmic connections into something positive?

How do we exit karmic relationships?

Please join the night before Valentine’s Day to find out.

Replay available.

90-minute session on February 13


Time: Tuesday, February 13 at 7 pm EST or via recording

Replay: Yes, available

Place: Zoom video

Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Why: Move forward with happier relationships and a calmer ❤️