Tiredness is often psychological more than it is physical— it is a trick of the mind to achieve a very specific goal.

This pre-recorded program (of three 2-hour classes) will help you learn: How does fatigue or even chronic fatigue work? How can we stop feeling tired?

How do others give us energy, and how do they take it away (and what can we do about it)?

Everyone seems to be feeling burned out. That’s because basic knowledge of where we lose energy hasn’t been passed down to us.

This class is about: Where does energy come from? What do ancient wisdom practices have to say about how energy finds us? How do we generate it? What gives us energy and what takes energy away? How do other people play into that?

I’m excited to pass on this ancient wisdom to you.

(I promise that this class isn’t about sleeping more and exercising— it’s about those practices that go largely overlooked).

As always, the class is part psychology, part ancient religion, and scientific research. You will receive very concrete practices to try, and you’ll see changes quickly.

May you wake up each morning feeling vibrancy and energy running through your body, heart, and mind!

12 Ways We Lose Energy:

  1.   We lose energy from discordant noise.
  2.   We lose energy from chaotic, disorganized spaces.
  3.   We lose energy from thoughts, when those thoughts are judgmental.
  4.   We lose a lot of energy through gossip and through negative speech. Any speech that is not grateful, loving, or genuine leads to a loss of energy.
  5.   We lose energy through worrying and doubts. 
  6.   We lose a lot of energy from inner self-criticism, or when we criticize reality. Every challenge that you accept gives you energy. Every challenge that you criticize takes energy away.
  7.   We lose energy when we hurt other people. Causing pain to others actually drains our own energy. Our ego sometimes likes to hurt people because then the ego feels in power. But any pain you cause, you are breaking the flow of energy around you, therefore cutting off the energy you can receive.
  8.   We lose energy from bad air quality. When you spend time in nature, you get energy from good quality air.
  9.   We also lose energy when we don’t know what we want and don’t have access to our own genuine wishes that inspire us. We lose a lot of energy when we’re hiding from ourselves behind masks. A prayer poet ee cummings used to say every morning was “May I never pretend.”
  10. We lose energy when we do (or rather try to do) too many things at once. Also, when we force things… if we’re not meant to do something, we won’t have the energy to do it. When we force ourselves to do things we’re not meant to do, we often get sick.
  11. We lose energy from everything we started but didn’t finish.
  12. And finally, any lie and any dishonesty drains a lot of energy.

Take the How to Have Endless Energy for a deeper exploration.

Platform: Via recordings
Host: Happiness Sangha
Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov
Cost: $365