Elizabeth doesn't just deliver a talk. She delivers joy and growth.

Elizabeth inspires and fuels participants with her warmth and enthusiasm. She activates them to practice what they learn in their daily lives. When she walks away, people feel happy, connected, and ready to take action.

Elizabeth has experience speaking at corporations, universities, and conferences. Contact Elizabeth for an experience that is transformative, provocative, and entertaining.

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Relevant Topics

Talk Subjects

  • How We Get Energy, How We Lose Energy, and What Does Meditation Have To Do With It?
  • Resilience
  • Freedom from the Inner Critic
  • The Buddha’s Way of Thinking
  • Self-Compassion and Self-Kindness
  • Acceptance and Why It is a Catalyst for Change
  • Common Humanity and Connection to All Beings
  • Compassion toward Difficult People
  • Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness: Inner Lightness
  • Releasing Oneself from Blame
  • From Self-Judgment to Self-Compassion
  • The Dharma of Poetry: Reading Poetry for Spiritual Growth
  • What We Can Learn From the Hindu Goddess Kali: Empowering Women
  • Mindfulness and Awareness
Trusted Expertise

Past Clients

  • 92 Y
  • Altfest Management
  • Cornell Club of New York
  • Columbia College
  • Columbia Law School
  • Columbia Medical School
  • Columbia School of Public Health
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Harvard College
  • Harvard Club of New York
  • Harvard Law School
  • Mt Sinai Medical School
  • New York Pain Society
  • Novartis
  • NYU Medical School
  • Rubin Museum
  • Stanford University
  • Tibet House US
  • Warby Parker

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