Does a past relationship give you anxiety, sadness or a sense of unfairness?

Is there an ex or a romantic connection you remember with pain, guilt, a sense of blame, or emotional discomfort?

Then this program is for you.

If there’s an ex you think back to and you feel that you’re meant to be together, but you’re not, this program is also for you.

“Past Romantic Connections: Healing, Reframing, and Taking your Energy Back”, is a special 2-session program with practices to help free you of that emotional weight.

My goal is to connect you to your strength.

After these practices, remembering that person, you’ll feel lighter.

It will be easier to move forward in a fulfilling relationship with your current partner, at peace being single, or to clear the way for new love in your life.

Everything you need to learn, do, and experience will happen during the two sessions we’ll have together.

You can attend through the recording.

I’ll give you powerful practices that few people teach. When you free yourself of the most difficult ties from the past — you gain new wings.

Romantic connections that ended negatively or ended with something other than love in your heart can take away a lot of our energy in the present. We’ll do practices to fundamentally help with that.

The goal is to free yourself of the past, and feel lighter and happier in the present. We’ll release, reframe, and let go!

Platform: Via recordings
Host: Happiness Sangha
Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov
Cost: $215