Happiness begins with training the mind

Meditation + Science + Ancient Wisdom = Change

The Path to Happiness

We offer inspiring classes on happiness that combine scientific research, world religions, meditation, creating community, seasonal rituals, and daily practices.

Each of the offerings below in the branching path leads to Happiness, Connection, Energy, Health, Fulfillment, Peace, and Inner Strength.

Mindful Awareness



Common Humanity

Freedom from Your Inner Critic

Forgiveness and Inner Lightness



Endless Energy


The Result of the Path

Joy • Connection • Energy • Health • Fulfillment • Inner Peace

Joy • Connection • Energy • Health • Fulfillment • Inner Peace

Joy • Connection • Energy • Health • Fulfillment • Inner Peace

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth has taught over 10,000 people to meditate and lead happier lives. She is a wellness coach, meditation teacher, scholar, speaker, theologian, and lawyer who holds 3 Harvard degrees, speaks 5 languages, reads texts in 2 dead languages, and has designed and taught over 50 different classes about happiness.

Elizabeth’s personal passion is making a positive impact and helping others find happiness and live their best lives.

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Years of Programs


Happy Students

Kind Words & Praise

The session was like a warm bath of light… so brilliant yet soft at the same time. Thank you!

- Stella E.

“Thank you for doing this for us, Elizabeth! I feel so much support and just kind, warm thoughts all around me. You always give me that necessary boost and I so look forward to it!”

- Valentina P.

“Your meditations have lifted a heavy emotional weight off my shoulders for that I am appreciative and grateful. You provide enough positive energy for the week. You help me keep things in proper perspective. Thank you and see you next Wednesday.”

- Kerry H.

Meditation for Every Season

Take a look through the courses and events Happiness Sangha is hosting all year long!

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